A passion for home-style Italian cooking

Silvia Guccione is the Founder of the Pomodoro Italian Cooking School.

Silvia, an Italian, is passionate about the positive aspects that Italian cuisine and its lifestyle provide to daily life, such as:

• fresh and healthy dishes

• meals that are easy to prepare and very delicious

• cooking and eating as an essential part of family life and therefore an opportunity to get together, relax and enjoy

Silvia grew up in a migrant household where cooking and eating Italian food was a ritual - a way for the family to bond and to share the stories of the day. Her mother, Concetta Guccione, and grandmother, Nonna Giovanna Barone, have formed the basis of her culinary background.

On her recent trip to Italy, Silvia discovered the wonderful culinary delights of Sicily, Tuscany, Bologna and Rome. Silvia will teach you the most beautiful dishes from these regions whilst sharing with you speciality culinary places to visit and some wonderful Italian stories.

Through extensive travels to Italy, Silvia keeps her knowledge of the Italian cuisine up to date. But of course, she always bears in mind the traditions that her family has taught her.

Silvia lives in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Australia with her husband Matthew and her two beautiful children Chloe and Thomas.

The Pomodoro Italian Cooking School

Experience the Italian lifestyle and cuisine through one Pomodoro’s cooking classes. Based in Melbourne, the Pomodoro Italian cooking classes teach the techniques of home-style, Italian cooking in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Your teachers grew up in migrant households where cooking and eating Italian food was a ritual, a way for the family to bond and share the stories of the day. This is where they were taught the basics of their culinary background and their passion for cooking great Italian meals.

On the day of your class, your teacher will share with you their story and life experiences, the historical importance of the food you are preparing and their favourite Italian food places, both locally and overseas. You will enjoy your dishes the ‘Italian way’ - sitting down with a glass of vino and of course, great company! The Pomodoro Italian cooking classes are designed to teach you how to cook fantastic Italian food using fresh, seasonal produce. These classes are intimate, ‘hands on’ and include a full, three-course Italian meal with wine. All of the recipes will be provided for you to take home, so you can continue to make authentic Italian cuisine any day of the year!

Silvia Guccione